Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I ACTUALLY Thought He Was A Kid

I don't know why I'm up this early on a day I don't have school but I decided to find Spring Training pics and the Red Sox are one of a few teams that have put up pics. When I saw the first Jacoby Ellsbury picture in this album I legit thought he was a 15 year old. Then I realized it was Jacoby and cracked up.

Wow. Just wow.


mandachan said...

wow. :)

and i never realize how short pedroia is until i see him stand next to someone (like big papi). it'd be hilarious if he ever got to talk to randy johnson (he's 6'10", pedroia's 5'9").

Ellie said...

it is kinda startling in person to see how small he really is. when i saw him at the workouts before the home run derby i saw how short he really is.

mandachan said...

mmm. i mean, i'm not one to talk 'cause i'm only 5'5" on a good day, but in comparison... (although it still irks me when people call lincecum "tiny" 'cause he's like 5'11")

Ellie said...

i was watching from the field level seats when i saw him before the derby started and i noticed how short he was compared to the others but more people seem to be short compared to me because i'm around 5'8"