Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Ready For Baseball To REALLY Start

I know I was complaining so much about wanting Spring Training to come and now that it's here I should be happy.

But I'm not. Spring Training has amused me but I don't feel like it has really done much for me except help me procrastinate on my homework (which I should be doing). I am so ready for the games to start. I'll go for a little bit of Spring exhibition games but those get old quickly. And I won't even be home to watch the first games because I have to go someplace called school (?). I'm not sure what the point of it is. I mean, it really is just a place where I am grossed out by what I am learning in biology. But, I guess if I ever want to do anything with my life it is important to go to school because the college admissions people and the job hiring people think it is important.

But anyways, Jerry Manuel has been killing the hitters with his new '80 pitch/swing in 7 minutes' drill. I guess he is killing them the way Carlos Beltran wants the Mets to kill Cole Hamels. I still don't believe he ever went through puberty. Have you heard his voice??!!!?

Also, Luis CastiUGH! has reportedly lost 17 pounds. He will probably find them again by mid-May.

Lastly, Mike Pelfrey, Xavier Nady, and Johnny Damon are having money troubles. Apparently Xavier can't buy an apartment in New York but he is always welcome to stay at my house.

Let's Go Mets!

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