Thursday, February 26, 2009

fsdhaasjfkdh (A.K.A. I don't feel like thinking of a title)

Sooooo, the Mets have won both games they have played this Spring and I have seen almost none of the action. Right now I'm watching the replay of today's game because I was at school for the start of it and then I went to a softball meeting so I missed the rest of the game. But, I'll be able to see some of tomorrow's game against the Cardinals because I get out of school at 2. Too bad Mike Pelfrey is pitching in the earlier game against team Italy. I am not really going to take anything from the first 2 games because it is Spring Training and like nothing really matters when the pitchers only pitch for like 2 innings and the hitters don't make all of the road trips. The only thing I will take from today's game is that Ryan Church REALLY needs to shave.

I have been looking but haven't found anything about Mike Nickeas' situation but he is probably going to Minor League camp so he should be reporting in the next few days.

There was a funny moment from today's broadcast where John Maine interviewed Kevin instead of the other way around. I laughed.

And I totally just had a moment. SNY had a commercial for the Citi Field preview show and I was like "that's on tonight? oh yeah! it's thursday!" Well, it's better than having it still be Wednesday and having to relive today. But, I would have more time to do my homework.

Brian Schneider is awesome. Don't know where that came from but I guess it's true. I can't really think of anything that isn't awesome about him.

And Johan had some discomfort in his elbow so he won't be pitching tomorrow.

I think I've said enough.
Let's Go Mets!

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mandachan said...

at least you guys have won. the sox only won the game against boston college.
(and none of my buddies have done good :( )