Sunday, June 14, 2009

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I did not think the Mets would win either of the last two games so I guess I should be satisfied with their results. It would've been a nice surprise to have won both but they didn't and the Mets have added another way to lose to their history's long list.

David Wright continues to burn the baseball and is hitting over .500 against lefties and he is hitting a solid .500 in June.

Brian Bruney is an idiot. If he's going to criticize K-Rod about his antics then maybe he should wait until he gets back to the big leagues. Bruney hasn't been able to stay healthy and has no right to call out Frankie. Also, Bruney is doesn't have nearly the same talent as K-Rod. He needs to get over himself.

And I found an article on SI that I really like. I root for all members of the Tribe and they do give me hope that I could be some really cool female baseball person. Being female and being Jewish. And I found that like right after I put up my Ian Kinsler hottie post. So, it was a cool coincidence.

Let's Go Mets!

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