Monday, June 29, 2009

I Hope It Isn't Over

No, I don't mean the Mets season. I mean Xavier Nady's career. He needs another Tommy John surgery and will miss the rest of this year and a lot of next year. If he comes back. Just thinking that he might not play again makes me want to cry. I'm glad I've been an Xavier Nady fan for so long and I will be an Xavier Nady VI fan forever. I remember reading in the 2006 Mets yearbook that he said he would be a teacher if he wasn't a (timeout: a Billy Mays OxiClean commercial is on) baseball player.

I really don't want his baseball career to be over. Good luck, Xavier. Whatever you end up doing.

Let's Go Xavier!

the 'XCN' and 22 in my email are for Xavier Clifford Nady and his uni #22.

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mandachan said...

aw that sucks! i hope he does ok! (geez, what is up with these injuries lately?!)