Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'll Be Thinking Of Him

As I day dream in math I might actually be thinking about Jeff Francoeur.

He is scheduled to have surgery on his left thumb tomorrow morning. If he has the surgery during math I'll know. I will all of a sudden start thinking about him and not the cube-root of 365. He was good even after the injury. He hurt his thumb on August 23 making a diving catch and actually didn't go on the disabled list (I think). When he came over to the Mets he hit over .300 and learned how to take a few walks. Having him healthy will be fun because he was hitting the stuffing out of the ball with the torn thumb ligament.

Semi-Random Side Note: This morning I was looking at my Mets calender and noticed Ryan Church is the player for December. I honestly didn't remember Churchie isn't on the Mets anymore. Oops.

Let's Go Mets!

Thanks to Adam Rubin at the Daily News for the heads up on the surgery.

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