Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Case For Xavier Nady

I came across Nick Cafardo's column for I read it because I saw the name Xavier Nady.

Of course I want Xavier Nady on the Mets next year but I honestly think he could be helpful. Even as a fourth outfielder he is well liked in the clubhouse and is a fan-favorite. Xavier has everything to prove next year, especially if he is only signed on a 1 year deal. And why not give him an incentive-laden 1 year deal? He has proved he can play in New York and he enjoyed playing here. With short term contract he would be playing for his next deal and to prove he isn't as injury prone as he seems. Xavier is a good player and can play any outfield position as well as 1st base and he has previously played 3rd base. He is coming off a 2nd Tommy John surgery and I know injuries are the last thing the Mets want to deal with, but really. There is nothing to lose in signing him.

Let's Go Mets!

...and speaking of Xavier Nady, I think I might react a little differently if I found him on my couch


Caroline said...

A little different than the person who wrote that blog? Or a little differently than embracing him to come to the Mets this year?
I could actually picture Omar signing him, which is odd because Omar doesn't do very much good. But anyway, do you think the Mets might actually sign O-Dog?

Ellie said...

I'd welcome Xavier in every way possible. If he was sitting on my couch or if the Mets were to sign him.
If there was a viable backup plan in place, Xavier would be an inexpensive signing for the outfield.
If the reported trade with the Blue Jays and Cubs went through and Luis Castillo was traded, I think the Mets would sign O-Dog. I think Hudson wanted to come to the Mets last year when they didn't sign him.