Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All For Naught

I guess I can be pretty convincing. Too bad I convinced the wrong team. Xavier Nady finally signed a contract today. With the Cubs. Yup. The team in Chicago I previously had no interest in ever rooting for. The Cubs are signing Xavier to be a fourth outfielder and possibly backup first baseman. What they are getting is a possibility that their fourth outfielder could become a major run producer and be a very capable starting outfielder. Xavier is also one heck of a clubhouse presence that any team would be thankful for.

I was obviously really hoping the Mets would sign X. But the Mets don't seem to be making any more moves.

I wanted to know how the fans were accepting the news, so of course I went to Twitter. First of all, there are a lot more Xavier Nady fans out in the world than I ever could've imagined. But, anyway, the Cubs fans were mostly excited about the move. They see that if X is healthy he would be quite the bench player. I'm glad he will be welcomed by the Cubs and their fans.

Let's Go Mets!
... and Cubs!


The EGE said...

I guess you'll be joining mandachan in divided loyalties, eh?

Ellie said...

I guess so. I already have the Mets and Indians. Now there's the Cubs and there are players I like on the Twins, White Sox, and Rangers.

mandachan said...

another player, another team to root for, eh? :)

Rachel said...

The only time I could ever root for two teams would be on the rare occasion that Bobby Parnell is traded. Fingers crossed it won't happen.