Friday, January 15, 2010

My Thoughts On "The Situation"

Yesterday everything around the Mets blew up. Perhaps their best player may or may not have disobeyed the requests of the team on whether or not to have knee surgery. And the Mets front office may or may not have verbalized their wishes for said player.

Of course, I'm talking about Carlos Beltran v. New York Mets. Since the news came out on Wednesday night that Beltran had surgery and is away from all baseball activities for 12 weeks their has been chaos and embarrassment from the Mets as an organization. For one thing, how could the team not know one of their best players was in surgery? Also, what are they gaining by continuing the back and forth with Beltran? The truth of the situation may never come out. And for all we know, the truth may already be out. Maybe it simply was a complete failure to communicate between the two sides. I don't know. I do know that the Mets seriously need to clean up this mess.

I am embarrassed. I would not be surprised if the other players are embarrassed. Everybody involved with the front office should be either hiding under their bed or coming out and making some sort of statement that they are moving on and will welcome Beltran back when he rejoins the team during the season. I know Beltran was in the wrong doing this without 100% consent from the team but oh well. It happened and it's time to move. The Mets can deal with this. Not now. Not when so much hangs on the beginning of the season and the players on the team.

I can't fathom what free agents think of the Mets right now. I know I would be running as far away from this organization as possible.

Let's Go Mets!
... I think?

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Jeff said...

This is exactly what the Mets DON'T need right now. Poor Omar... I really feel for that guy.