Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zach Parise Is Cuter Than Puppies

The Rangers are sucking right now so I thought I should introduce you to Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils.

No words are needed.


Caroline said...

I looooooooooove Parise--but he's so short!!! He's only 5'11, which is taller than your average guy, but still...that just makes him more cute. But the hottest guy on the Devils is Jamie Langenbrunner, for sure.

Shelley said...

Parise is absolutely beautiful! He is an absolute genius hockey player and I could stare at him all day! Doesn't matter if his helmet is on or off he looks good. That is really hard to pull off! My husband is a huuugggeeee nj devils fan and I became one years ago thanks to zach parise!!!

Nickle789 said...

Zach Parise is mine so back off he's all mine he rocks and he's cute. this is an awesome blog so he's mine my blog is so much better it is all about the new jersey devils and im not giving it 2 u