Monday, January 25, 2010

Mike Nickeas Still Exists!

Well, I was pretty sure he still existed. But he still plays baseball with the Mets! Thanks to Twitter I found out Mike Nickeas is at the Mets 3-day mini camp in Port St. Lucie. Surfing the Mets has this tidbit on Nickeas:
Catcher Mike Nickeas is back after August surgery to remove a bone spur from his elbow that was irritating a nerve. Nickeas spent the fall semester taking classes at Georgia Tech, leaving him one semester shy of a management degree. He was in the same recruiting class at David Wright with the Yellow Jackets, although Wright obviously signed with the Mets instead and Nickeas and Wright didn't become roommates at the school, as had been planned. "He probably made the right decision," Nickeas quipped.

I cannot express in words how happy this makes me. It's been a long day and I probably won't be online for long but this makes me happy.

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