Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Jealous

The Texas Rangers are going to the World Series.  I am rooting for them.  I am happy for them.  I really like a lot of their players.  But it's an empty feeling.  Yes, I have liked those players for a while.  But, I haven't been a Rangers fan.  My heart hasn't been with them for any significant period of time.

I want to see the Mets or Indians reach the World Series.  I want to be able to enjoy the celebration when I know I was with the team through everything.  I really want my team to be there.

There is nothing wrong with rooting for a different team in the playoffs.  If your team didn't make it, then go ahead, root for somebody else.  If you can do that and still feel satisfied when that team wins, that's great.  I just can't.  Seeing the Rangers win just made me miss the Mets and Indians even more.  I've watched those teams.  Both of them happen to suck right now which just makes me feel closer to them.  When they finally make it, the celebration will be so much better because I'll have been there when it was so easy to leave.

Congrats to the Texas Rangers and their fans.  Enjoy the celebration.  I can't wait for mine.

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