Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Inner-workings Of My Brain

Well, not really.

It's October.  It's playoff baseball.  The Mets were out of the playoffs by mid-July.  So, you have all probably been furiously refreshing this page looking for any clues to which teams I'm rooting for in the playoffs.  Never fear!  I will tell you!

The first step is rooting against the Phillies and Yankees.  That's the easy part.  I was rooting for the Redss and Twins.  Easy, but the Reds and Twins both lost.  As for the Giants-Braves and Rangers-Rays I didn't really have a preference in the NL and the Rangers had the edge over the Rays in the AL.

So, the second round of the playoffs were about to begin and I had to root for somebody.  This was easy.  The Giants over the Phillies and the Rangers over the Yankees.

You see, making the choice may have been simple, but rooting against certain teams was not the only factor that went into my decision.  After all, I'd be rooting for the Rangers against any AL team except the Indians.  With Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton, Cliff Lee, and C.J. Wilson they already have my rooting interest.  The Giants have Buster Posey and Brian Wilson, making for one heck of a closing battery.  I do have real reasons to root.

At this moment, the Phillies are winning and the Yankees already won.  It could be a dreary day in playoff-land if this game doesn't turn around.

Let's Go Rangers!
Let's Go Giants!

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