Friday, September 12, 2008

the mets like my outfit today

well, i don't know about that but i like the outfit i am wearing today.

now to baseball.

chipper jones has got to have some special feelings for this series. it is the last time he will play at shea stadium and then he will only have his son to remember it by. i can't be the only one that knows his son has a much made fun of life coming at him. but that is beside the point. the mets start the series against mike hampton. he never did well at shea as a met but has succeeded there with other teams. hopefully the hot bats can make up for his success. i am also hoping johan can pitch well and stay in the game for a while because of 2 mediocre starting performances in a row. the mets should be able to take 2 out 3 and that would be a major help.

the mets need wins.

Let's Go Mets!

the lack of CAPS is because now that school started i want somewhere that i don't have to be all perfect and neat. and it would still say the same stuff if all of it was capitalized.

i miss shawn green

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