Thursday, September 11, 2008

i'm really bored

and school has me pooped so this birthday post for Jacoby is really good and you should look at it. but i did wear my Jacoby t-shirt to school today but it was under a sweater to make sure i wouldn't get beat up.

the mets had quite a series with the nationals and they showed that the offense can come up big when needed. i was more than happy for smitty to get both wins and the mets to move 18 games over .500. if the phillies lose tonight the mets will have a 4 game lead in the division. the starting pitching didn't step up in this series but they had carried the team for so long they were bound to hit a bumb in the road. and i just want aaron heilman OUT! he doesn't seem to have an appearance without giving up the long ball. but carlos delpoopeyhead has been on fire for what seems like forever.

and i am listening to the song the middle by jimmy eat world (really good band) and the guitar solo is sweet.

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

few things:
1. thanks for the link hooflah. i feel special now :)
2. about wearing your ellsbury shirt, try wearing an alex shirt and/or a royals hat in a predominantly red sox/yankees school. i got yelled at by a senior last year for wearing the hat after lester's no-hitter.
3. awesome video. i suck at playing guitar.

Ellie said...

i don't think anything would happen to me if i wore a royals shirt just because it would seem so random. but wearing a red sox shirt is not a good idea in a new york school. especially with the yankees out of contention for anything.

mandachan said...

true. i only get weird looks, and the yelling-at was only 'cause it was the day after the no-hitter AND it was mismatch day so i was also wearing my ellsbury jersey.