Monday, September 15, 2008

Well that didn't last long

the first thing i did when i got on my computer was check my email for alerts about mike nickeas. there was one there and it didn't really have anything interesting but i actually did look at it. i am still tempted to call him my "boyfriend" but i know that it is really over. i should get a daniel murphy alert. also, about daniel murphy, the mets had their rookie hazing and they dressed daniel murphy, nick evans and other rookies as swimmers to pay tribute to the olympics. the pre-game show is about to go over it and i can't wait to see it. DANIEL MURPHY IN A SPEEDO! it's like a dream come true! AND MIKE PELFREY HAD TO DRESS UP TOO! i'm laughing too hard to write anything else.

and david is so incredibly cute on the pre-game show.

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

wait, where are the pictures? i'm confubbled. but i'm sure it was hilarious. kinda like smitty's hello kitty backpack.

Ellie said...

i looked everywhere for pics but i couldn't find any and i only got to see it on the sny pre-game show

mandachan said...

oh well. it'd be kinda funny if you did find them.