Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss You Billy.

Today the news came out that Billy Wagner will have season ending surgery that will also cause him to miss the entire 2009 season. I got really fed up with Wagner at times but I enjoyed having him in the bullpen and clubhouse. He always spoke his mind and that is something not many players do. Now that he has seemingly thrown his last pitch as a Met I am a little sad. I looked forward to hearing what he had to say and although he caused some problems in the clubhouse I think having him there was a positive. He was a leader and will be missed.

With that, I don't want the Mets to have anything to do with K-Rod. I don't have the exact statistics but I remember reading somewhere that closers that have amazing seasons one year don't do a fraction of as well the next. Also, K-Rod's delivery is just screaming injury. I know he is young and has been better than ever this season but I still don't want the Mets signing him.

So, Billy there has been perhaps more good times than bad or it could go the other way but I will miss you no matter what.

Good luck with the recovery!

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