Monday, September 22, 2008

I Just Didn't Get The Feeling

Last night I went to the Yankee game. I enjoyed some of the pregame stuff but other parts of it were too much.
On their MetLife countdown instead of going to zero it went to 'forever'. Also, of all people, Michael Kay pulled the lever to change the number.
It was also weird that people were applauding the people dressed up as old Yankee players.
I enjoyed watching Xavier play and got mad when he was taken out of the game. After the game was over Xavier was hanging out with Brett Gardner and they both got cups from the dugout and put some dirt from the first base line in them.
Derek Jeter was a better speaker than Michael Kay at the end of the game when he was addressing the crowd.
Nobody noticed Andy Pettitte had gotten his 2,000th strikeout until it was flashed on the scoreboard and a camera put it on the diamond vision screen.
Jason Giambi's moustache in his pictures on diamond vision was fake.
Right when the game ended a mass of police came onto the field and it looked really cool. (I have some really crappy video of it on my cell phone and might be able to put it on here but I don't really know).
The coolest part was whenever something big might happen the other side of the stadium would have all of the camera flashes and it was amazing.
One of my friends from school told me that he thinks he saw me on TV so I think I'll watch some replay and see if I'm there.
I don't really think I will miss it that much but I hate that it has taken all the hype away from Shea Stadium.

To the Mets:
I was saying the Mets were going to lose the game yesterday from the 5th inning till the end. It just looked like they weren't trying. They have so much to play for and it seems like they don't want any of it. And it makes me really mad that Mike Pelfrey kept them in the game and the bullpen can't pitch their way out of a paper bag. David also did what he could and it was people like Carlos Beltran and other players I don't like that hurt the Mets. I am starting to question if it is worth all of this to get to the playoffs.

Oh well.
Let's Go Mets!

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mandachan said...

yeah, i don't get why everyone is making it sound like a big sob story when shea is getting taken down too and they're just like whatever. ('course, it doesn't help that i'm a sox fan, but whatever. fenway is a whole heck of a lot older and you don't see that going down anytime soon.)