Friday, December 12, 2008


The Yankees signed AJ Burnett today. So basically I'll be living with "the Yankees are so much better than the Mets, they got 2 really good starting pitchers and the Mets only got 1 last year." Hearing that from my brother and sister forever is not going to be fun. I mean, I know I did that to them with Johan but there are 2 of them and one of me so I had to do something.

Last night I was thinking about the trade that the Mets could make with the Cubs. It would send Scott Schoeneweis to Chicago for Jason Marquis. At first I didn't like it because it would trade the Mets last Jewish player. Then I remembered Jason Marquis is Jewish. Whoops!

Let's Go Mets!

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mandachan said...

seriously, though! what is their problem?! just 'cause they have all the moolah doesn't mean that they have to take all of the good players. if they ever get any of my buddies, i'll cry.