Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homework is Unnecessary

I probably would have had a post up earlier but I have this thing called homework. I'm not really a fan of it and I hear a lot of students around the world have it too.

I am not really sure of what to think about the K-Rod signing. Just like any other fan I am excited but I am also kind of worried. The Mets tend to attract injuries and K-Rod looks like an injury waiting to happen. I will be the happiest person in the world if he even performs half as well as he did last year but I can also say I told ya so if he gets injured. The best thing for the Mets would be to get a reliable set-up man that can fill in the closers role if needed. I don't mean somebody untested in closing games, I want somebody that has experience and won't be new to the 9th inning. It is a lot to ask of a team that just signed a major closer but I would love, in more ways than one, if the Mets somehow traded for Huston Street. He was a closer with Oakland and has had some rocky (hahaha) times but he would definitely help the bullpen.

If the Mets can do that and sign Jon Garland I will be a happy Mets fan.

Pitching is just one area that needs work but nobody can do everything at once.

Let's Go Mets!

I wonder what number K-Rod will wear with Johan already OWNING #57

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mandachan said...

i think he took #75 (ha, 57 backwards). or at least that's what it said on "the 'ropolitans".