Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Hot Stove Is Finally Heating Up

Well, it should be. The Winter Meetings start tomorrow and hopefully the Mets will make some moves. I need something to keep me awake for the next 2 weeks before Holiday Break. I am looking towards the Hot Stove to do that. (And I am trying to get excited for the Fairly Oddparents Christmas special this year). But anyways, the Mets need to accomplish something this week. I am so sick of the Mets being spectators as all of the other teams fill their needs. Omar takes his time with every move and then says he tried to get the pieces but nobody was out there to get. THAT IS BECAUSE THEY WERE TAKEN BEFORE YOU TRIED!!! He already lost his chance with Vazquez and during the season he got NOBODY at the deadline. If he continues like this the 2009 Mets will be the same as the 2008 Mets. Except they'll be worse because they will be down 2 starting pitchers.

I am so sick of Omar and don't know how I will get through even 1 more year of him. I am sick of his mentality that he can get one big player and not need any smaller players to compliment that player. That is what he's done.

It's all or nothing for Omar.
And I don't feel like waiting to see more nothing.

Let's Go Mets!

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