Friday, August 14, 2009

B-Parnz To The Rescue

Well, I hope. His pitch count tonight will be up to around 80-85 pitches. And I'm guessing it will keep going up until he is a full-blown starter again.

Last time he had some long at bats and on a limit of about 60 pitches he didn't get through the 3rd inning. I think he will be more comfortable tonight. He has gotten through with his first big league start and he needed a chance to get back to the routine of being a starter. This time he will be pitching at home, as opposed to starting all the way across the country. He's had a chance to relax with the off-day yesterday and should be able to take the mound feeling comfortable tonight.

I'm really excited to see how Bobby pitches tonight. His last start didn't show much but if he can pitch a few more innings than last night, we could see the real Bobby Parnell starting pitcher.

Let's Go Mets!

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