Monday, August 24, 2009

We Are All Insane

Jeff Francoeur has a torn ligament in his left thumb and Johan Santana is missing his start tomorrow with left elbow discomfort.

I still worry about the players being healthy but now I'm worrying about more than that. Jeff Francoeur had never really been injured with the Braves and suffers a terrible injury once he joins the Mets. Johan Santana had never been injury prone with the Twins and now this elbow injury comes after his knee injury from last year. That's 2 substantial players with their first major league injuries with the Mets.

I might be crazy (well, all Mets fans are) but I'm starting to think about other players not wanting to come to Mets. Everybody of any importance has gotten injured so why would some other player want to add their name to that list? If the Mets as an organization can't show their medical staff can keep players healthy they will have serious issues signing anybody this offseason. With most teams, the medical staff wouldn't keep players away. But with the Mets, they just might.

Let's Go Mets!

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