Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Really Don't Know What To Say

If you're reading this blog you have probably already read other Mets blogs.

And I have nothing new to say. I just want David to be okay.


mandachan said...

geez, ellie, first wright got hit in the head and now kinsler did too? your boys have issues ;)

i sure hope they're both ok, though.

Ellie said...

i heard about ian when i was half-asleep listening to the radio. he got up and ran to first base while screaming at the pitcher.

it was completely scary and kinda amazing at the same time.

but david still makes me want to cry. i want him to get better but i don't like having to wait for him to get better.

mandachan said...

yeah, getting beaned in the head is a scary thing. i mean, getting hit with a pitch anywhere sucks, but especially in the head.