Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In The Bizarro World That Is The Mets

This game was majorly weird the whole time. David Wright hit a home run at Citi Field in the 1st inning to get things started. In the 2nd inning things started to look more like the Mets of 2009. Jon Niese went to cover first on a grounder fielded by Murphy and was covering first on the throw for the DP attempt from Angel Berroa. Niese had to do almost a full split to catch Berroa's throw and came off the base as the runner was safe. He got up slowly as Manuel, Warthen, and the trainer came out. He took a warm-up throw and crumbled to the ground when landing on his right leg. He had to be helped off the field by both trainers and got an MRI. Jerry said he thinks it is a hamstring tear. More bad news for the Mets.

Now back to the game. Nelson Figueroa came in to pitch. He did his best Oliver Perez impersonation by pitching 4 2/3 scoreless innings after his terrible start on Monday. He also did his best Angel Pagan impersonation by getting a 2 RBI triple in his only at-bat. After Nellie, B-Parnz pitched the final 3 innings. He only gave up 1 hit and earned his first career save. In the 8th inning Jerry gave Bobby a chance to bat and he took advantage by getting a single. B-Parnz gets 2 baseballs. 1st MLB hit, and 1st MLB save.

Other oddities:
Jeff Francoeur walked
Angel Pagan homered
The Mets didn't give up any runs

The Mets hit two Cardinal's batters with pitches, including Albert Pujols. And, there was a pitch that came way up and in to David Wright. It was like a centimeter away from hitting him in the head. It was scary and Jeff Francoeur hated the way the Cardinals retaliated.

Let's Go Mets!

BTW, Gary Sheffield aggravated his hamstring injury and left the game after getting a single.

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