Sunday, April 19, 2009

Line Of The Game

I had a good time at the game yesterday but that can't be said for anybody rooting for the Yankees. So, we left early and were listening to the game on the radio when we heard John Sterling say this:

"It's a grand slam! Oh, I'm sorry, Melky caught it and tossed it into the stands"

I took a bunch of pictures of things that interested me. They aren't really of the stadium. Most of them are pics of Grady and Mark DeRosa and other players on the Indians. Sadly, I didn't get to see Joe. =(
(You can click on all of the pics for the full size)

There was hand-operated scoreboards on the walls below the bleachers on both right and left field.
In the top left corner you can see the clock that is one of only 2 clocks I saw on the scoreboard area.
The linescore was on the screen the entire time.
My only glimpse of Xavier. He spent the game in the dugout. I miss him.
Mark DeRosa
Grady Sizemore
They had an electronic scoreboard and clock on the screen.
There was closed captioning for everything being said. It helped because the sound system wasn't too good and it was hard to understand some things that were said.
During lineups the closed captioning would say the players and their number and then make it look like the fans liked all the players.

In the top of the third inning there was a fight and the entire section I was in turned around to watch. The section with the fight was basically emptied by police.

Let's Go Mets!

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