Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Bullpen -------> No Defense

Last year Johan Santana had to deal with pitching knowing he wasn't guaranteed the bullpen would hold his win for him. Today Johan had 13 strikeouts and didn't allow any earned runs but still got the loss. His ERA is somewhere around 0.71 but he still has a 1-1 record.

And this brings us to Daniel Murphy. Daniel made the error that lead to the 2 unearned runs that lost the game. It came on a deep fly ball the Murphy would have caught right at the wall, if he made the catch. I know Daniel is new to the outfield but that was an easy catch. Later in the game he made a nice running catch and I wondered how he could catch that after missing the ball in the second inning.

haha. nick swisher and robinson cano just had a ground ball go under both of their gloves. and the official scoring was a hit.

The Marlins have only one loss but should have 2 after today's game. The Mets fought back in the ninth to get one run and make sure they didn't look completely ridiculous. At one point I started to worry about the Mets being no-hit. But luckily it didn't happen. Johan gets the loss in a 2-1 game where he didn't give up any earned runs.

Mikey P. will throw the first regular season pitch in Citi Field tomorrow night.
Let's Go Mets!

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