Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Truth Be Told I Miss You"

To be totally honest I don't know why I am posting right now. The Mets won today but Mikey P. got roughed up. Not like it matters, though. Tomorrow the semi-real baseball starts. Meaning, I will actually be somewhat excited for this game. Actually, I am majorly excited for tomorrow's game.

If you don't know what I am talking about, the Mets are playing their first game at Citi Field tomorrow. It's only an exhibition game but that kinda means nothing to me. So, that was for everybody who has been living under a rock for like the last forever.

I had a pretty good practice today, mainly because I wasn't catching for 2 hours straight. I am kinda hoping for rain tomorrow afternoon because I want practice to be canceled. Hopefully that rain would stop before the Mets game is supposed to start.

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

"truth be told i'm lying..."

i want it to rain tomorrow too so i don't have practice but i still need to stay after 'cause we're getting uniforms tomorrow! yay! you know what number i want (highly doubt i'll get it)

Ellie said...

we were singing the song on the bus to practice today so it was the first song i thought of. (well, that or 'poker face' and i don't really like lady gaga)

i hope you get the #! i obviously didn't get any of my first choices but #20 isn't bad. HO JO!