Sunday, April 5, 2009

"You Say That We've Got Nothing In Common"

At this point the posts are mostly to get certain songs in the post tomorrow.

The Mets gave Nick Evans' roster spot to Gary Sheffield. That sucks. They don't need Gary Sheffield but has an attachment to old, over-the-hill players. He should talk to somebody about that. I was rooting for Nick. He seems like a good kid (I'm calling him a kid when I'm 15) and I felt bad when D-Murph stole his thunder last year. I wanted him to get a chance. Hopefully the Mets will bring him up at some point before September.

But now the Mets have to figure out how to make room for Livan when he has to pitch the 5th game of the season. Personally, I think the Mets should come to their senses and just release Gary so they don't have this issue. But, the Mets won't do that so they should do something with Marlon Anderson. I don't want to see Marlon leave but I don't see how he could really help the team. If he was ready to stop playing it would be cool if the Mets could give him some sort of coaching job. But I doubt he wants to stop play.

Hopefully the weather in Cincy holds up for tomorrow.
Let's Go Mets!

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