Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who Wants A Cookie?

I couldn't think of a title, okay?

The Mets lost today in a close game. They won the series against the Brewers but this loss hurts. They had plenty of runners but couldn't drive them in. At the end of the game the Mets hit into some unlucky double plays and they made the Brewer's bullpen look really good.

Gary Sheffield started again today but I really don't know why. He doesn't have what he used to and Ryan Church and Daniel Murphy deserve the starts more. Fernando Tatis started the game at second base. Luis Castillo pinch hit at one point and bunted unsuccessfully. I understand Luis likes to use his speed, but sometimes he really should just hit the ball. I'm sick of the frustrating outs and close games.

The Mets have tomorrow off to travel to St. Louis. That means this loss will stick with me and frustrate me until I explode. BOOM!

Let's Go Mets!

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