Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Weddings And A Funeral

... Or something like that.

There are 2 good interviews/stories and one bad/kinda gross one.  I've decided to let you wait on the edge of your seats (or bed, if you're one of those people) to find out what the bad/kinda gross one is.  So first, I will let you know about the good ones.

The first is a David Wright story.  David is confident the Mets will come back and have a good season.  He knows the beginning of the year will be tough without Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes but he also knows once they get through that, the season will be "fair" again.

It's true.  Last season was unfair in many ways.  The Mets weren't bad because all of their players had terrible seasons.  They were bad because their players weren't all there.  Most of the Mets' starters ended up missing time, and there is no way any team can survive that.  With a healthy team we could see the results we all expected last year.  It's a new start, and this time more of the team is actually around to play.

The second good story is an interview with Jeff Francoeur.  This one is about baseball but there is also plenty of other stuff in it, as there should be.  Frenchy has been a great addition to the clubhouse and the lineup.  He knows how to get his mind away from the game when he needs to and has helped David and Daniel Murphy do the same.

*Drum roll please*

And the final piece is an update on Sean Green.  Apparently he tore the skin off of his big toe during the game yesterday. So, the funeral is for the skin on his toe.

But, if the Mets are getting rid of part of him, why not get rid of all of him?  This is baseball.  Three strikes and you're out.
1. He sucked last year.
2. He has sucked for his entire career.
3. He took Joe Smith's spot in the bullpen.
You're OUT!

Ah, well.
Let's Go Mets!

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