Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ike It Up

Okay.  I guess I'm not too good at coming up with Ike Davis phrases.

A lot of fans have been saying they want to see Ike Davis as the Opening Day first baseman.  I am not one of those fans.  I do not want to see Ike in the majors to start the season or maybe even at all this season.  He has only played as high as AA.  Yes, he has been impressive early in Spring Training.  But, early in Spring Training is also when teams still have players who are clearly headed to the minors with their big league squad.  It's also when big league pitchers are more focused on working on new pitches and throwing strikes than having stellar appearances.

I'm not saying Ike doesn't have a chance to prove he can hit against big league pitching.  I'm just saying he hasn't yet.  As teams reassign players (as the Mets did with Mike Nickeas) there will be more players fighting to make Opening Day rosters.  More competition will lead to players playing better and pitchers throwing their best stuff.

But, even if Ike produces against more major league pitchers I still don't want him on the Opening Day roster.  I'm sick of the Mets rushing players to the big leagues and having them becoming a bust.  I truly believe Ike Davis has a future with the Mets.  He can be a really good major leaguer, but not yet.

This is definitely not knocking Ike.  I just want him to be as good as possible when he finally does make the big Mets.

Let's Go Mets!

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