Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Know It's Spring When ...

For the die-hard baseball fans Spring starts when pitchers and catchers report.  For me, that's just the first sign of Spring.

It really starts when softball starts.  This Wednesday.  I've played softball since I was seven years old.  There is almost nothing about me that is still the same as it was when I was seven years old.  Back then it was about learning the game, knowing the basics, and just having fun.  It's still about having fun now but there's more to it.  Winning definitely isn't everything (especially on my school's Junior Varsity).  But now we're all expected to know the rules and just have to work on the fundamentals.  There's always more to learn but that is just to help get further when you already know the game.  We all know when to tag up and what base to throw to (I hope) because we've all been around the game.

We all have a connection to the game.  I love being able to watch baseball and know what to do on each play.  I love being able to learn what to do (and not do) by watching the Mets games.  Those are the professionals who get paid to play baseball.  If they don't know what to do, nobody does.  The pros get paid to play the game that I love.  At this point their entire life is baseball, and for me softball is just a part of my life.

But, softball really is my life.

Let's Go Mets!


Anonymous said...

First off, Lets Go Mets<3

I really enjoy reading your blogs about the Mets. (And also the hockey blogs were great as well! Lets Go Devils) Reading your blog is so refreshing, because it is coming from a girl who ACTUALLY knows what she's talking about. I mean I could have these types of conversations with my boyfriend, who is die-hard about sports as well, but none of my girl-friends talk sports. So it is just really nice to hear this all from a girl.

And also, I know what you mean with your first indication of Spring is softball. I use to be crazy about the sport since I was 4 starting off with t-ball. Softball is an amazing sport, and there is no other feeling like it. I was a pitcher since I was about 8, and I'm sorry to say I quit when I was a sophmore in high-school because I wanted a social life.

It's all about having fun though, So thank you for giving me stuff to read everyday, and keep up with the posts!

Ellie said...

Thank you!

One of the reasons I started blogging is because I didn't really have anybody to have a good baseball conversation with. It gives me a way to say how I feel/vent about the Mets and anything else.

I've been so excited about softball for the past 2 weeks I can't imagine not playing. It does take up most of my time but I love it and it's the only thing that I would ever put so much time into.