Friday, March 5, 2010

Joe Smith + Not Really Baseball Season = Confused Boys

Today, I decided I would wear my Joe Smith jersey to school.  I got it about a week ago and wanted to wear it before Joe's birthday when I knew I would be wearing it.  Of course, not everybody has heard of Joe Smith and people who have don't think of him as anybody who would have fans getting their jersey.

So, the first two periods of the day were fine.  Third period I had a free that I spent in the library.  I see one of the most annoying boys walking over and knew he would have something to say about my jersey.  Surprisingly, he didn't say much.  He just asked me what player was on my jersey and if Smith was my favorite.  No witty remarks, nothing.  Phew.

But I knew fourth period would be a challenge.  In World History I sit in a row with 5 boys and one other girl.  In front of me there are 2 other boys.  And they all know baseball.  None of them say anything until the teacher using the room before my class playfully goes, "Cleveland!?  Cleveland?" when he sees my jersey.  Then they boys attack. 

"What player is that?"
"Is it Sizemore?"
"No, it's Joe Smith"
"Joe Smith"
"Why in the world would you get a Joe Smith jersey?  I didn't know they even sold those!"
"Joe Smith is the equivalent of Anthony Claggett"

And it continued for a little while.  Luckily, it eventually died down and I could focus on actually being part of the class.

I definitely didn't expect to get that kind of reaction for my jersey.  But now they'll be prepared when I wear it again on March 22.  And many times after that.

Let's Go Mets!
Let's Go Indians!


cici said...

Boys can be such idiots sometimes. They're so stat-based it's annoying.

Zelig Skykiller said...

That a way! Wear it and wear it proud!

(BTW, I don't like having to use my google account to comment because the blog I write with that isn't about baseball and might be a bit misleading if you're not ready for it; I think the Name/URL combo is perfect, fyi.)