Friday, March 26, 2010


Don't worry.  It's nothing too big and if you're reading this and haven't noticed I'm going to start worrying.

It really has been a long week.  I can barely remember how the Mets did.  I just know Ike was sent to minor league camp and Jenrry Mejia is still with the major league Mets.  Will Jenrry make the Opening Day roster?  I have no idea.  At this point I don't even know if  Bobby Parnell will be on the Opening Day roster.  Either way, baseball season is going to eventually start again.

I do know Alex Cora and some other Met hit a home run today.  Who could that other Met be?  Oh yeah!  David Wright.  David has 4 homers this Spring.  That's 1 less than half of his homers all of last season.  It definitely looks like David is more comfortable this year.  Frenchy and JayBay have taken a lot of the "media pressure" off him.  There has also simply been other stories.  There is still the Jose Reyes saga and watching/speculating who will make the Opening Day roster takes a lot of time and newsprint.

Speaking of making the Mets, Mike Jacobs isn't doing too well.  The good news is neither is Frank Catalanotto.  The bad news is Chris Carter is doing well.  Nobody expected Chris to come in and take the last bench spot.  Personally, I really want Jake to make the team.  He was my first favorite for Omar to trade and it would be one of the greatest feelings ever for him to play for the Mets again.  It would just really make me happy.

And, speaking of the name Chris, I was watching the Rangers game last night.  They won in large part because Chris Drury scored at the very end of the third period to send the game to overtime.  After the game I was thinking it is really weird that his name is Chris.  I mean, it's normal that he's Chris Drury, but he doesn't seem like somebody that could simply be called Chris.

And that has been the journey through my brain.  I hope you kept your arms and legs inside the tram at all times or you have enough money to buy new arms and legs.

Let's Go Mets!

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