Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Dunno

Mike Jacobs made the team.  So, why do I feel like crying?  Why did he have to make the team because somebody else got injured?  Why do I have to like both players involved in this?

Mike Jacobs deserves to be on the Opening Day roster.  Right? 
And Daniel Murphy certainly doesn't deserve the injury.

Jake was always going to get a chance to play for somebody.  He could DH, play 1st base, whatever.  But Murph isn't guaranteed a spot on any roster.  The Mets already have an Ike Davis waiting to take over at 1st base, left field was a failure, and it's the National League, no DH.  There just isn't that much room for Murph in any plans.  Yet, Daniel has done nothing to prove unfit for the Major Leagues. 

Daniel's timetable is a return in 2-6 weeks.  Of course, after that there is rehab games/extended Spring Training.  At least a month of time lost.  Time for Daniel to prove he belongs here.  Time when Ike will still be in the minors and Daniel won't have to constantly look in the rear-view mirror.

I'm very happy about Mike Jacobs.  I hate how it happened but I want Jake to have all the success in the world.

Let's Go Mets!

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