Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Just Not Right

The beginning of this post has nothing to do with the Mets.  It's about the Angels and Yankees.  And catchers.  Bobby Wilson was literally knocked out of his first major league start last night.  Mark Teixeira railroaded him, giving him a concussion and ankle injury.  I don't really have anything against runners going hard into catchers as long as it is necessary.  In this case it wasn't needed at all.  For one thing, Bobby didn't even have the ball.  For another, he wasn't blocking the plate.  He was standing towards the first base side waiting for the throw.  Even if the ball had been picked cleanly on the tough bounce Teixeira could've scored easily with a slide.  There was no need to railroad the Wilson.  Catchers take enough of a beating and poor Bobby Wilson can't get through his first big league start.

As for the Mets, Pelf continues to be the Mikey P. I have always loved, Jose looks like Jose, and Ike Davis is doing his best to make Daniel Murphy feel unloved.  Last night the Mets had a revamped lineup that put Jose Reyes in the 3rd spot and Jason Bay behind him.  There's nothing weird about JayBay batting fourth, it's just that he's batting fourth behind Jose.  It seemed to work last night but it will definitely take some getting used to.  It lead to me dreaming that Jerry put the pitcher in the 8th spot and had Ike Davis batting ninth.

Speaking of Ike Davis, he hit his first big league homer last night.  He was one of 3 Mets to get his first hit in his first big league at-bat this week.  The others were pitchers Raul Valdes and Hisanori Takahashi.  Ike has been impressive.  He has hit well and makes playing first base look easy.  David Wright, on the other hand, has not hit well.  He doesn't look comfortable in the box and his swings are too long.  He got a hit last night and a sac fly that would've been a homer almost anywhere else but still hasn't been consistent.

And about what has been keeping me from blogging, softball has been great. I've played all seven games at catcher and gotten on base in all seven games. I've thrown out one runner trying to steal second base and have made some interesting plays at the plate.  Yesterday I scored from first and slid into home.  The thing is, my coach didn't tell me I needed to slide until I was a foot away from the plate.  My slide was pretty ridiculous and probably the most painful thing I've ever done playing softball.  My coach was actually laughing at me.  Luckily today's practice was canceled so I don't have to worry about running until Monday.  We won and now we're 4-3.

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

yeah, unless you absolutely have to, there is no reason to completely lay out another player. that's just not right. gives me another reason to hate the stankees.

and huzzah on your softball awesomeness! i only wish i could say i was as good as you are.

Ellie said...

Thanks! Catching just seems a lot easier this year. It's probably a combination of having caught all of last year and having real pitching this year.

It really was just a stupid play by Teixeira.

cici said...

Ike Davis and his parents are D-Backs fans, apparently. That makes me really, really happy. I know I'm not alone (in a city of a zillion people, finally there's another D-Backs fan!) but then I will Ike do against the D-Backs?