Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Oh So Painfully True

David Wright is boring.  I admit it.  I completely agree with this entire post.  He's boring.

But that's why I like other players.  David Allen Wright will always be my favorite player.  But, I also like Mike Pelfrey, Jeff Francoeur, Xavier Nady, Dirk Hayhurst.  They aren't the most popular players but they aren't boring.  Heck, did you hear Jeff Francoeur's interview from earlier this week?  He was talking about anything and everything, including Mike Pelfrey.  And multiple people have said Xavier Nady has a great sense of humor.  Oh yeah, don't even get me started on Dirk Hayhurst.

But, David is special.  There is nobody else that can fit seamlessly into all the various roles listed.  He is everything a baseball fan could want and more.  It is absolutely impossible not to love him.  And he probably drives Phillies fans crazy.   They don't have anyone like him.  Chase Utley likes to shout expletives at inopportune moments.  Ryan Howard has never stolen 30 bases in a season.  Jayson Werth has an animal growing from his face.  Roy Halladay isn't homegrown and doesn't play everyday.

The Mets do have something over the Phillies.  They have something over every team in the Major Leagues.  The Mets don't have the most interesting player in baseball.  Or the best player.  They have David Wright.  And there really is no word for David.

Let's Go Mets!

Clearly, the Blue Jays have the most interesting player in baseball.

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