Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mets 2 Cardinals 1 Final/20 Innings

What?  Not long enough for you?  (Insert *that's what she said* here)

The Mets seriously just beat the Cardinals in twenty innings.  Francisco Rodriguez got the win and Michael Alan Pelfrey got the save.  Mikey P.  Big Pelf.  Pelf.  He wasn't supposed to pitch.  He wasn't even supposed to play.    Most of the team wasn't supposed to play.  And the only one who didn't was Oliver Perez.

It almost seems ridiculous to be amazed by a game ending just after 11 o'clock.  It's the fact that the game started at 4:15 this afternoon that made it crazy.  At one point the FOX announcers were talking about how the shadows will affect the game and the hitters.  How about the stadium lights?  Yeah, those were needed.  At one point the Mets were no-hit in this game.  I wasn't even thinking about scoring a run.  I just wanted them to get a hit.  They got a hit.  Just one.  They needed the extra innings to get a respectable amount of hits.  And even with 9 hits they looked pretty pathetic.  But they won.

The Mets had a game go their way.  Even when they didn't score off of the Cardinals first position player to pitch, they won.  Even though they used almost their entire pitching staff, they won.  They used every one of their relief pitchers, but they won.  K-Rod blew his first save chance of the season, but they won.  So many things were going against the Mets, and they won.

It's just so hard to comprehend.  On the same night of a no-hitter, a Mets won is possibly more impressive.  These are the Mets that have recently lost on walks, hit-batters, and errors.  Today, tonight, April 17, 2010, the Mets won a 20-inning baseball game.

Let's Go Mets!

Mike Pelfrey leads the Mets with 2 wins and 1 save.

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