Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yeah, I Still Exist

Ugh.  I know it's been a while and I know a lot has happened.

John Maine didn't do too well, Jon Niese deserved to win, and Mike Pelfrey did win.  Oliver Perez was well, Oliver Perez, and Johan did what the Mets can't afford having him do, give up runs.  The Mets are 2-4.  Jeff Francoeur is on fire.  Most fans want Mike Jacobs gone.  David Wright and Jason Bay have gotten a few hits.  And Jose Reyes is back.  Oh yeah, and people are calling for Jerry Manuel's firing.

It's only been a week of baseball and the Mets have proven they are still a mess.  There really isn't much to say about them.  Fans have already shown they aren't pleased by not showing up to Citi Field.  There really is little patience with the Mets.  Last year was terrible and this year the front office decided not to make any drastic changes.  They don't have time to wait around for the offseason acquisitions to start producing, because there was only one offseason acquisition.

I will always root for the Mets but my patience is running thin.  I'm ready to see a change.  Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya don't have control of this team and the Mets will never win with them.  At this point it doesn't matter if the players don't produce.  You can't fire all of the players.

Let's Go Mets!

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