Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let's Recap

I left on Sunday morning and drove with my family to Cooperstown. I spent most of the day there and I can't really think of anything that was the "best" in the day. I had a lot of fun watching a game going on at Doubleday Field. I am not sure what kind of league it was but one team was the Nationals and the other was the Dogs. (They had a real name but I can't remember it right now). I was more interested in everything in the Hall this time than I was when I went in 2006. I took pics of some plaques that I was interested in and watched the Who's On First video that was playing. My dad ended up getting a jersey that had the name I Don't Know and #3 on it. I really liked looking at the "This Year In Baseball" exhibit and seeing the more modern stuff that I could actually remember happening. I got a sweatshirt that I have been waiting to get since I grew out of my old one. It was a really fun day for me.

After that I did nothing that would interest anybody reading this until I got to Boston on Wednesday.

In Boston the first thing we did was got to Faneuil Hall and eat lunch and watch a cool street performance with my brother and dad while my mom and sister were shopping. They missed out on the really fun show. I didn't do much else that day because we were all really tired from the driving in the morning. On Thursday I spent the morning with my brother and mom at the children's museum and was bored out of my mind. Then we met up with my sister and dad and went to the Science Museum and saw the awesome baseball exhibit that closes on Monday. They had half of a Shea Stadium home plate and Jonathan Papelbon's glove. There was also a part where you could guess who's glove it is and flip up the cover to see if you're right. I liked seeing Youk's glove and was kinda excited about Pedroia's but past that I was really impressed with the other gloves. I mean, there was no Jacoby! My brother tested his pitches and was clocked at 47 MPH. I am not impressed. As for the other parts of the museum, I did some stuff and nothing really happened. But, I found Waldo! On Friday I went on a Duck Tour and that was fun but I have been on them before so it was nothing special to me. Then we drove home yesterday afternoon and my sister made some jokes that would better not be shared.

It was a nice trip without the college tours but the baseabll stuff was really fun. I'm just glad I am finally home and can listen to Gary, Keith, and Ron.

Let's Go Mets!


Natalie said...

you did not find waldo you liar your daddy found waldo

your lovely sister

mandachan said...

nice. (regarding your sister's comment)

boston is the best. :)