Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can't Beat That

I'm sorry, but even though the Mets bullpen actually held a lead this post goes to the Red Sox and Rangers.

Final Score: 19-17, WTF!

I didn't watch any of this game but I wish I had. I mean, what can get more exciting than a bullpen blowing a 10 run lead, TWICE?! The Rangers could have won this game and I was kinda hoping they would but the Red Sox continued to score and that just made it more interesting. Oh yeah, Jonathan Papelbon got the save in this game. I do not know what more could have happened to make this the best game of the year. I guess if it went to extra inning we would have seen Ian Kinsler pitching against Jacoby Ellsbury (in my dreams!) and everything would have ended at some point or another. But this game has got to be a practical joke. I mean, it was all planned, right?

Let's Go Wally!
...and Mr. Met too!

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mandachan said...

i know. it was insane. i mean, 10 runs in the first for the sox, 8 in the fifth and 5 in the 6th for the rangers? guess it makes up for the lack of scoring in any other game this season.