Monday, August 18, 2008

It Was A Good Road Trip

Duaner Sanchez can't get anybody out so I am going to assume the game is going to the Pirates. But this road trip has been very positive and the Mets will have a 2 game lead over the Phillies when it is over.

They have played well against the teams they should play well against instead of playing down to their level. They beat up the Nationals and for the most part the Pirates. The offense looks like they know what they are doing and Brian Schneider has gotten a new bat that doesn't have a hole in the middle of the barrel. They got hits when they needed them and gave the pitchers enough runs to work with.

The bullpen has looked good the entire trip, minus Kunz and everybody (except Joe) today, so that is a positive. The starting pitching shut down the opposition in every game this week. They look dominant and hopefully that can carry over to the stronger teams the Mets will play down the stretch.

Even thought the Mets are close to losing the last game, it was a better trip than anybody could have imagined.

Let's Go Mets!

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