Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mike Nickeas Stays In The Game With Just For Men

Well, I'm not sure about that and I would hope his brown hair is natural, but he played again last night and that is 6 in a row. Last night he went 0-for-3 with a sac fly and a strikeout. His sac fly started a 6 run second inning for the Zephyrs who finally won a game. His batting average is at .220. The only reason I can think of for all the playing time is that Casanova and/or Molina could be September call-ups and the Zephyrs want to see who they will have as a catcher.

Last night's Mets game looked like it would end the way many games in April, May, and June ended. The pitching does their job but the offense can't get anything done. To my surprise the Mets had a big eighth inning and the Braves bullpen looked like the Mets bullpen. It was a fun game to watch even though for most of the 8th inning I was singing I Kissed A Girl. That song is really strange.

Very impressive win for the Mets and I am going to the game tonight.
Let's Go Big Pelf!


Chris said...

I stopped by Shea Stadium this weekend and got a whole bunch of photo's outside of it. I love the new citi field. It looks like a great stadium!!

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mandachan said...

i was at ruby tuesdays last night and saw that he was pitching so i was all like 'go mikey p!'. and dan haren, 'cause he's awesome.