Thursday, August 7, 2008

David Wants You To Know...

that he really doesn't need a day off. Just put him in there and he will get you a win. I know Heilman gets the win on the record but I would give it to David or Johan. If the bullpen hadn't blown all of the games they have for Johan he would be 15-7. But the big thing here is that the Mets won the game. I know they have the biggest bullpen issues anybody could imagine but I want to enjoy the win that the Mets finally got. I really thought the Mets would lose the game and when my mom came in and tried to be optimistic I told her the Mets were going to lose. That shows how much faith I have in the Mets these days. Overall, I am glad the Mets got a win no matter how it happened and who imploded.

Also, I am watching Jerry's post game press conference and it looks like he has new/different glasses.

Let's Go Mets!

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