Thursday, August 21, 2008

That Was The Best Game EVER!

11:53- I can't believe I forgot to write this but I felt all warm and fuzzy when the whole stadium was chanting PEL-FREY PEL-FREY! I love the fact that I was with Mike since the beginning.

I had about 14 different titles for this post last night and now I don't remember any of them. But I can honestly say that game was AH-MAZING!

Before I went into the stadium I made sure to take some pics of the outside of Shea because this was possibly (most likely) my last time going to Shea Stadium. I was there with my mom and my brother and my dad joined us from work (and college hunting with my sister). My brother kept score in the scorecard that was in the Mets Magazine. There were 3 performances before the game and one of them was somebody singing Stupid Cupid. I know that song from the Princess Diaries, which is one of my favorite movies. Jose Reyes got the most cheers during the lineups and Beltran got the least.

Mike Pelfrey had a quick first inning and I decided I would not miss one pitch he threw. The most fun part of the first inning was booing Chipper cough*Larry*cough Jones after his throwing error. When David and Daniel were at bat I couldn't help but stare. And the Mets scored 5 runs in the first inning and that was more runs than they had ever scored off of Jair Jurri-can't spell his last name. And Mike Pelfrey continued his good start with and RBI single. From there, I think everybody in the stadium knew it was going to be a good night.

The David Wright homer was a no-doubter and I stood up when it was barely out of the infield. Shea was ALIVE by that point and I didn't know how much more exciting it could get.

Before the 8th inning I went from the Mezzanine 2nd row right behing home plate to Field Level about 6 rows back behind the Mets dugout to sit with my cousins. That turned out to be the best time to get there because I got to see David and Daniel in the on deck circle and at bat. I also got a great view of Mike Pelfrey at his best. Mikey P. got an enormous standing ovation after the 8th inning and nobody thougt he would be coming in for the 9th. But when he did come out of the dugout for the ninth inning the place EXPLODED! And it was better when Larry took the called third strike for the first out.

After the last out I ran up close to the dugout just to see the look on Mike's face. And I can say that was the CUTEST I have ever seen him.

I have seen Mike pitch at least 3 times this year and he has won every time. He has also been dominent every time so I now believe I am his good luck charm.

Wow. What a game to be at. Mike Pelfrey's first career complete game and I was there.

Mikey P. For MVP!

maybe not but it rymes and i would like to think he has a chance.

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Chris said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun! It was cool that you had your family with you at the game. I am still hoping to see atleast 1 game there before it closes. Check your email I just sent you.

The Baseball Collector