Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Attempt at Photoshop

Well, it wasn't on Photoshop because I don't have that I my computer but it was the same idea.

The picture was part of the card I made for my mom. She likes Kyle Farnsworth and has always said he would fit perfectly in the Mets bullpen. The hat I used is from a picture of Bobby Parnell.

So, I'd say the Mets have been playing pretty well. At dinner tonight I realized my grandpa is the only adult male Yankee fan in my family. That felt pretty good. METS DOMINANCE! If the Mets continue to play well the entire world will be full of Mets fans and I'll be very happy. Actually I kinda like the smaller community of Mets fans. Even if it isn't nearly as small as it was before I was born.

Tomorrow is going to be a major match-up between Derek Lowe and Johan. The Mets have hit Lowe pretty hard in the past but he is dominating everyone this year.

Let's Go Mets!

when I get to it I'll post some Mikey P. fun facts from the Kids Club newsleter I got in the mail on Friday.

Why in the world are the Saturday and Sunday Mets vs. Giants games national broadcast worthy??

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mandachan said...

yeah, but the royals kinda need him in their bullpen especially now that soria got DL-ed