Monday, September 6, 2010


Softball season is many months away but I can't stop thinking about it.  By December I'm going to want to go outside and take batting practice.  I haven't wanted to play softball more in my life than I do right now.  I guess I'll just have to wait until March.

What I'm conflicted about does have to do with softball.  Specifically, what number I wear.  For the past 2 seasons I have worn #20.  There was no real thinking behind it besides it being the only normal number left by the time I picked and then I decided to stick with it.  Of course, now I kind of want to go back to #14.  That was the number I always liked wearing when I was younger and now I am starting to think I want it again.  But, I also like being consistent.  Heck, I've figured out every major leaguer currently wearing #20 and I root for them all.  But, I like the significance of #14 having been my number forever.  I really don't know.  Also, my softball coaches know me as #20, so if I go back to JV this year it would be weird to change numbers.  It would also be weird to go back to JV and see somebody else wearing #20.  Of course, now I'm thinking of my love for #14.

I can't figure this out.  It sounds stupid but it's honestly what I've been thinking about.  If I had to make a choice right now I think I would go with #14.  Of course, I have months to think about this and could end up deciding on a random Mark Buehrle tribute and going with #56.

Ah, well.  The Mets got crushed by the Nationals today.  It was almost a cool game because Mike Nickeas played.  He got to show off his awesome catcher defense because Ollie was pitching to him.  He still hasn't gotten a hit and I'm starting to think if he doesn't soon Jerry Manuel is going to forget he exists and put him behind all the other September call-ups on the bench.

Hmm . . . Maybe I should go with #14 because it's only one away from the #13 Mike Nickeas wears.

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

ah, the great number conundrum. join the club. i've always worn #4 (you know why, of course) but if i make varsity next year, i have to switch to a different number 'cause #4 is taken. and i can't play JV and wear that #4 'cause i'm a senior and seniors can't play on JV.

and ellsbury's #2 is taken and all my other guys have numbers that are too big. :P

Ellie said...

If I make varsity, I'm pretty sure a senior had #20 last year so that should be free. I have no idea who had #14 on varsity last year, if anyone.

If I opt to have actual playing time and stick with JV, I would have first choice of number so it wouldn't matter.