Friday, September 24, 2010

Now It's My Turn

Many people have taken a chance to voice their opinion on the Mets.  Well, now it's my turn.

For the first time ever I don't enjoy watching the Mets.  They don't seem to have a chance in any games anymore.  They aren't trying to win.  How do I know this?  I know the Mets are not trying to win because of a few trends.  

They aren't hustling.  The slow ground balls in the infield.  The hard hit balls to the outfield.  They are getting out. On the infield grounders either the runner is too slow or he simply isn't running down the line.  The balls rocketed to the outfield are hit off the wall and taken for granted.  They don't start to hustle until they get to first base and are thrown out on what would be a double for anyone else.  It's a pattern.  The most disturbing part is this pattern includes the "face of the franchise".  David Wright has been part of this all season.  During a game in July he watched a fly ball hit the left field wall and was thrown out trying to get a double.  Carlos Beltran hit a home run later that inning.  The Mets lost by one run in extras.

They don't do the little things.  The Mets have been atrocious with the bases loaded this season.  They haven't been good with runners in scoring position either.  When was the last time the Mets hit a sacrifice fly when they needed it?  When did they simply get the right ground ball to score a run?  It just hasn't happened.  It's sad when I feel most comfortable with R.A. Dickey at bat with runners in scoring position.

They just don't play the game hard.  During tonight's Mets game, Chase Utley took out Ruben Tejada at second base trying to break up a double play.  It very well could be seen as a dirty play.  I hate that kind of play because it is basically deliberately trying to hurt the opposing player.  But, I wouldn't mind seeing some from the Mets.  I don't want them sliding into second base so late they take out the knees of the infielder, but a hard slide would be nice to see.  It would also be nice to retaliate if the other team puts a Met in danger.  It would have been a pleasant surprise to see one of the pitchers throw in the direction of Chase Utley's butt tonight.  I don't want headhunting, but getting hit in the backside isn't the end of the world.

I want to know the Mets care.  It starts at the front office and goes all the way down to the players.  Only a few players should be safe this winter.  Omar can't be reassigned, he has to go away completely.  Jerry needs to go.  The trainers need to go.  The only coach I really want to see back is Chip Hale but the new manager should really get to chose his staff.

I want to see change this winter.  The Mets have so many issues it's scary thinking about them all.  Off the field, on the field, everywhere.


Let's Go Mets!

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