Friday, September 10, 2010

It's A Game. Enjoy It.

Recently there has been plenty going on with the Mets.  On the field they aren't playing well, and off the field they have been a mess.  As a fan, I like some off-field stories, but this season there has been more going on off the field than on the field.  I know I started caring about the Mets because they play the best game in the world.  I wouldn't know anything about David Wright, or Mike Pelfrey, or Josh Thole if they didn't play baseball.

I'm sick of people getting more upset about what's going on off the field than the game that's being played.  Don't we all pay attention to this because of the game?  If you want to follow what is going on outside of the game, fine.  But once the game starts, root for your team.  I'm not saying you have to have warm-and-fuzzy feelings about a mean person, but you probably wouldn't want them to strikeout instead of win the game.  Even though Luis Castillo didn't join the Mets on their voluntary hospital trip doesn't mean I don't want him to get an RBI or make a good play in the field.

When the Mets take the field I want them to win.  I want their pitchers to throw strikes.  I want their batters to get hits.  I want to see competitive baseball because that's what I'm watching for.  I'm watching for the game.  I didn't fall in love with Angel Pagan and then the game he plays.  Sure, now that I know about Angel Pagan, I'll root for him if he's playing chess.  Baseball introduced me to Angel, and Jose, and Mike.

A Mets win makes me happy.  I'm not thinking about what the players will do when they leave the field.  I'm thinking about what they just did on it.  I'm thinking about the clutch hits and big strikeouts.  I'm enjoying the literal aspects of the game.  The ones I enjoy when I play.  Because it's a game.  Anybody can play a game.

It would be nice if just for a weekend all baseball fans can be just that.  Fans of the game they are watching.

Let's Go Mets!

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